Categories of special interest include the following:

Kinograms:  1915-1931.  Original negatives, prints, trims and outs of a major newsreel which had camera crews covering news in the U.S. and abroad.

Telenews:  1947-1953.  Original negatives, prints, trims, and outs.  A Syndicated film service for television news programs patterned after theatrical newsreels.  Covered news from all over the world.

World War I:  Approximately 250,000 feet of 35mm newsreels and documentaries of the time, covering various aspects and views of the War.  U.S. and European titles include:  “The German Side of the War”, “On the Italian Battlefront” and “France in Arms”.

World War II:  Approximately 100,000 feet of 35Mmm materials.  Miscellaneous newsreels include some “Wochenschau” and soviet films.

Conflicts:  Aside from materials covering WWI and WWII, we have footage from the following conflicts:  Spanish-American War, Mexican Revolution, Russian Revolution, Hungarian Revolution (1919-1920), Sino-Japanese War, Spanish Civil War, French-Indochina War, Korean and Vietnam War.  We also have materials related to several independence movements in Asia, Africa and the middle east.

Industry:  1910-1980’s. 350,000 feet of 35mm materials covering a broad range of businesses in the U.S. and abroad.

Transportation:  1900’s-1980’s.  150,000 feet of 35mm materials related to all types of transportation:  Autos, Aviation, Ships, and Railroads.

Educational/Ethnographic/Travel/Nature:  1910’s-1970’s.  Approximately 800,000 feet of 35mm film, almost exclusively black & white.  Materials from almost every country in the world, including such subjects as:  Native Americans in North and South America; Early Polar Exploration; Early Everyday Life in Europe, China, Japan, Brazil etc.

Features:  1905-1980’s.  Negatives and prints, shorts, and feature-length comedies, westerns, animation, and other genres.  Particularly strong in the silent era.

Stills, Posters, and lobby cards:  Over one million, exclusively pertaining to feature films and the Motion Picture industry.