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John E. Allen, Inc. is a motion Picture Stock footage library.  Our Motion picture collection dates back to 1896 to the 1980’s.  In excess of 25 Million feet of 35mm and 16mm materials are available. Film to film and film to tape transfers are handled by our own technicians.

Requests may be sent via email or fax. Research is conducted on site by appointment or loaner tapes can be shipped anywhere in the world. You can also search online by clicking here. Rate charts and quantity discount schedules are available.  We look forward to servicing your stock footage needs.

Our Actuality film is catalogued by subject.  A brief sampling of some of our headings includes:  Agriculture, bathing beauties, circus, conferences, conversations, crime, dance, demonstrations, depression, earthquakes, expeditions, fires, places, prohibition, sports, stunts, telephone, zoos, etc.

Please note: This searchable data represents only the limited portion of our library which is available in digital form for delivery in short order. We highly recommend you email a search request so that a knowledgeable staff researcher, who is highly experienced with the contents of the collection, can offer suggestions along with shot lists, covering available DVD screener disks for you to peruse.

This service is provided at no charge. From this preliminary research, in the event you find that there appears to be material of interest, we can then arrange a DVD screener shipment.
There is a small basic fee which kicks in at this point for the production and shipment of DVD screeners.

Please do contact us directly so that we may help you find what you need! Also consider that a vast amount of additional material is held only on film based elements, for projects that wish to get deeper into research.

Film Categories

Categories of special interest include the following:

Kinograms:  1915-1931.  Original negatives, prints, trims and outs of a major newsreel which had camera crews covering news in the U.S. and abroad.

Telenews:  1947-1953.  Original negatives, prints, trims, and outs.  A Syndicated film service for television news programs patterned after theatrical newsreels.  Covered news from all over the world.

World War I:  Approximately 250,000 feet of 35mm newsreels and documentaries of the time, covering various aspects and views of the War.  U.S. and European titles include:  “The German Side of the War”, “On the Italian Battlefront” and “France in Arms”.

World War II:  Approximately 100,000 feet of 35Mmm materials.  Miscellaneous newsreels include some “Wochenschau” and soviet films.

Conflicts:  Aside from materials covering WWI and WWII, we have footage from the following conflicts:  Spanish-American War, Mexican Revolution, Russian Revolution, Hungarian Revolution (1919-1920), Sino-Japanese War, Spanish Civil War, French-Indochina War, Korean and Vietnam War.  We also have materials related to several independence movements in Asia, Africa and the middle east.

Industry:  1910-1980’s. 350,000 feet of 35mm materials covering a broad range of businesses in the U.S. and abroad.

Transportation:  1900’s-1980’s.  150,000 feet of 35mm materials related to all types of transportation:  Autos, Aviation, Ships, and Railroads.

Educational/Ethnographic/Travel/Nature:  1910’s-1970’s.  Approximately 800,000 feet of 35mm film, almost exclusively black & white.  Materials from almost every country in the world, including such subjects as:  Native Americans in North and South America; Early Polar Exploration; Early Everyday Life in Europe, China, Japan, Brazil etc.

Features:  1905-1980’s.  Negatives and prints, shorts, and feature-length comedies, westerns, animation, and other genres.  Particularly strong in the silent era.

Stills, Posters, and lobby cards:  Over one million, exclusively pertaining to feature films and the Motion Picture industry.

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